About This Magazine

#Hashtag Magazine is going to work just like every other magazine, but to give you an idea of how this magazine will function, here are a few details for you.
There will be a new issue posted every month, but preparations for each issue will take place an entire month beforehand.
For an example: June's issue will be prepared in early May, and released on the first of the month. This way our writers will have enough time to meet their deadlines.
There will also be two or three advertising sections. This means you can send in your story adverts and they will be featured in the month's issue. Whether the advertising space will be free or not is not yet decided.
#Hashtag Magazine, like Wattpad itself, is to be a friendly and respectful environment for everyone. Therefore we ask that there be a refrain of all Cyber Wars as much as possible. Comments will be deleted if any harsh discussions should arise.
#Hashtag Magazine's columnists will have up to a week and a half to turn in their segments. If at any point a reporters feels they can no longer contribute to the magazine, no worries, they shall remain respected amongst the staff and their positions will be refilled.
The main purpose of #HashtagMagazine is for everyone to enjoy themselves and gain experience as a writer/reporter.
Christian reporters are encouraged to join! Do not feel intimidated. #HashtagMagazine wishes to target both audiences. How will Christian readers feel comfortable? We must simply have Christian reporters as well.

Goaled release date is the 1st (first) of each month. If the occasion should arise, the release date will change to accommodate to the staff's schedule. 

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