Advertise Your Wattpad Story!

#HashtagMagazine offers advertising space in each issue. With the help of the staff (once a staff has been hired) the editor will choose two or three ads that will feature in the month's issue. If your ad was not chosen, fret not! It will feature in the next issue.
The requirements for earning an ad space are minimal; when applying for ad space, please include the following details (via PM, a comment in this section, or via email:
Would you like to advertise your graphics? Do you want to advertise trailers? #HashtagMagazine will advertise your graphic making abilities as well! Simply change the form to fit what it is you wish to advertise, and include a link to your examples, and where readers can request from you.
Story Title:
Description(Summary or Blurb):
Story Link:
Trailer Link(if you have one):
Graphic(s) Link(s)(cover/banner/blend; anything related to your story):
The advertisement space will be dedicated to you once the issue is published. If you wish to make changes to your ad, try to ask for them prior to the publication date.
Ad space is completely free!

The editor will also pass through the genres, and will PM random authors when interest in advertising a particular story arises.

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