Wednesday, August 5, 2015


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CODED BY: #HashTagMagazine
Hello lovely readers!
Special Alert for all of you! The new issue has been posted this morning, and I think you are going to love it! You can click the cover, which is on the left sidebar, or click the #hashtagmagazine page at the top of this blog.

as previously mentioned, #hashtagmagazine is hiring new staff. if you are interested, click the 'How to apply' page at the top of this blog. 

As editor of #hashtagmagazine, I feel that everyone should have a chance to participate in this magazine, because it is a great way to gain experience for future writing jobs. I know that I have gained much experience working in a few wattpad magazines, writing blogs posts. It is something everyone should be able to do. 

Please have a look at our profile, and the issues, which are posted on the side. Have a #blessed day! 

- Editor (MLHarper22 Hadassah harper)

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